Month: May 2018

Mutual Fund Investor Awareness Program @ Vellore

Mutual Fund Investor Awareness Program @ Vellore

As we always gives importance to investor education, we have done an investor awareness program on financial planning and mutual fund investing. We have got a overwhelming response from Vellore and quiet interactive session we had. Thanks for all the participants. The mutual fund online platform like BSE(Bombay Stock exchange) would be more helpful in consolidating all your investments in single place. The topic discussed was the three steps to financial success. The importance of mutual fund investments using an online platform like wealth ladder direct would keep them worry free in terms of tracking.

The first step is to have the financial plan in place before taking investment decision.

The second step is to choose the product like mutual funds (equity oriented and debt oriented) to get the inflation adjusted return.

The third step is to implement the plan as early as possible. The mutual funds online platform will be very easy to invest in a single click.