Category: Testimonial

Sridhar is very good @ financial planning. He helped me carefully to plan my finance taking care of the future. It was good to use his service continually. He takes care of the clients by understanding the needs & providing solutions accordingly. I recommend him as a very good financial advisor as he is very well aware of the market. I wish him Success for his future endeavours.

Ganesh Subbaraman

Senior Engineer @ Carlberg Supply Chain, Group Engineering

Sridharan is wonderful in his approach and very clear in recommendations. A result oriented individual and does not compromise in quality and timely delivery.

K.N. Chellappa

Finance Professional with 20 years of extensive experience in various countries.

Sridhar was very helpful and understanding. He was always prompt on time for the meetings and listened to all my requirements. There was an attention to detail which came out in the form of the good advises he & his team gave me. He was a good mentor to his team members.

Jitendran Janardhanan Nair

Sr. Service Delivery Manager at century link

I have worked with Sridharan in the past and have found him to be a bright and engaging advisor. His approach is perspective and thought provoking thereby adding tremendous value to the investor in terms of the nature of advise and solutions.

Babu Krishnamurthy

Chief Sherpa, Finsherpa Investment Services

It is a pleasure to be connected with Sridhar for long time, who have been helping to sort out my financials and plan for the goals smart and successful returns and savings.

Thanikachala Murthi

Windchill Administrator PLM Consultant

Sridharan is workaholic and does his work just in time and with justice to his clients. He keeps good relationship with his clients by proper and timely advice for his clients. Every client of his adore him.

Kumar Subramanian

Manager at ISNT

Sridhar, as I call him, is very helpful and understanding person. Queries all details to project in my profile. Ensures his subordinates keep in touch with me, by telling them of my Sr. Citizen status. Keeps assuring me of the best of services, even when markets are down. Where needed, advises me to go on my own also. Though very busy, he spares time for me as required. A very good human-being and affable. We established wave length in the very first meeting itself. I wish him all the best in coming times.

R Ramasubramanian

(Retired Professional Engineer) at BGR Energysystemes LTD.